Megurine Luka cosplay - Just Be Friends version 
Worn at: VocaFusion (event video by reimaru here) 

Niko invited me to do this photoshoot with him at last year’s VocaFusion, a Vocaloid-centric convention here in the Philippines. There’s going to be another VocaFusion this year, I’m definitely looking forward to that! :D

The JBF version of Luka was pretty popular, since it definitely is one of the easier versions to cosplay. Personally, I love the song. I don’t have any specific preference among the Vocaloids, I like listening to a bit from everyone. 

Pulling off the shoot was, I admit, a bit nerve-wracking. I don’t know if I’m the only one who feels all jittery and panicky before any shoot, and this is a character that’s been shot hundreds of different ways. I think the shots turned out pretty well, considering it was semi-impromptu. XD I had plenty of fun, and I definitely would not hesitate to work with sir Jio and Niko again. :)

Oh, and here’s my favorite picture from that convention! JBF - Pimp Edition FTW. Jin and Kat were the most accurate JBF cosplayers there, IMO. <3

Here’s to future cosplays and fun shoots! I’ve got a couple of cosplans lined up for 2013, and I’ll be sharing them here soon enough. O u O


Photo credits: Jio Verona (JBF shots), Sammy Magsino (JBF - Pimp Edition)


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