A New Beginning

This is my first legit shoot for 2013, and I am extremely happy with it. These are just some of the shots that Life (yes, that’s her real name!) took, and I am definitely excited to see the rest!

CONFESSION: I was supposed to use one of these shots as my entry in dolldelight’s model search.

I’ve dropped out of the contest, not because I don’t have a presentable entry, but for personal reasons. I looked at these shots and realized that while we were shooting, I wasn’t thinking about the contest. I was doing this because it’s something I love. I work with the photographer to try and produce the best possible shots. I do it because this is the art that I choose.

I personally believe that our efforts deserve more than to be entered in a popularity contest. I understand the value of an artist’s effort, and I don’t think any form of art should be judged according to its popularity, but rather, by its quality. (the entries in round 1 look good, don’t get me wrong. Check them out yourself!)

This shoot marks a new beginning for me. A renewed appreciation for photography, and for my chosen art. I made it my new year’s resolution to do at least one good shoot every month, and I think this is an excellent start. I’m ridiculously excited to shoot again, and I am already preparing for February’s shoot. :D


Photography by Life Dawn
Special thanks to Monique Falcon for lending me the corset ♥ ♥ 


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