The Less Glamorous Side

I was going through my hard drive, trying to organize my photo folders. I stumbled on a folder of outtakes from one of my favorite shoots, shot by Luisa Manuel. My awesome makeup was done by Caz Buss of Amadeobeloved. Everything came together so nicely, and I loved all my shots.

I normally post “nice” photos from my shoots. That’s usually what everyone sees on my page, and I rarely put up my awkward outtakes. Here’s a sample of a “proper” shot:

That’s what most people expect to see when I say I had a photo shoot. What happens between the proper shots is this, though:

Yes. I turn into the most awkward creature ever. Awkward pose, awkward face, awkward EVERYTHING. And it gets progressively worse as the shoot goes on.

Awkward face is awkward. This was unintentional on my part. Sometimes I like making faces at other people who are at the shoot, too. I am very easily distracted.

I end up goofing off when I can’t think of any more poses.

So, what’s the point in me showing you all of my derp faces? 

A lot of people tell me I look glamorous/refined in my photos, and some people seem to believe that I never have bad moments caught on camera during shoots. Here ya go, y’all. Awkward faces everywhere, from yours truly. XD

The next time you see someone’s glamorous, fixed-up shots, you know that there are probably a bunch of unflattering photos of them that may never see the light of day. XD



Photography by Luisa Manuel 
MUA: Caz Buss 


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